01 February 2021: Spinnaker3 Ready for Launch

02/01/2021 Image

A prototype unit for the Spinnaker3 dragsail has been integrated with the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle upper stage in preparation for launch in April 2021. The Spinnaker3 prototype was developed by the Purdue University Space Flight Projects Laboratory under the direction of Dr. David Spencer. The 18 m2 dragsail will be deployed following the completion of the Firefly second stage mission. The Spinnaker product line of dragsails is being commercialized by Vestigo Aerospace through a license with the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization. Vestigo and Purdue University are supported through a NASA Phase II Small Business Innovative Research contract. Through a NASA Space Act Agreement, NASA Langley Research Center has provided SHEARLESS booms for the prototype unit.